Our Club

Our Club

This top-level page could be used for generic information about the Swaffham Club – most of the detail, however, will be contained within the subpages that sit below it.

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The George Hotel, Swaffham


Club meetings are normally held at The George Hotel in Station Street, Swaffham – unless otherwise indicated on this site or in the club’s published programme. Meetings are on Mondays at the following times: First Monday of the month – Lunchtime: 12:45 for 13:00hrs; All other Mondays – Evening: 19:00 for 19:30hrs. Please contact the …

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Alan Jones

Club Council & Members

Club Officers for 2013/14   President John Wallace Foundation Denis Bishop President Elect Jane Harding International Robin Rayner Secretary Alan Henry Vocational Nigel Chambers Treasurer Bill Muir Community Colin Evans IPP Claire Dunne Visual Arts Steve Ward     Club Members Dennis Baldwin Further Education Spouse/Parter: Olive Denis Bishop PHF Training & Management Consultancy Spouse/Partner: …

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Committee Structure

  Rotary Foundation Community Service Denis Bishop – Chairman David Morris Mike Cornwell Tony Hopping David Impey Colin Evans – Chairman Dennis Baldwin Bill Muir Claire Dunne Peter Simpson International Service Club Service Robin Rayner – Chairman Steve Ward Dorothy Pulsford-Harris Malcolm Whittley Keith Robinson Jane Harding – Chairman Peter Dobbs Alan Henry Neville Robinson …

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Club History

Click on a link below to view the section required: A Brief History of the Rotary Club of Swaffham Past Swaffham Presidents A Brief History of the Rotary Club of Swaffham Written by Rtn. Neville Robinson (May 2005) Updated by Rtn. Denis Bishop (July 2009) 1969 The Rotary Club of Swaffham was formed in 1969. …

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Charity Payments

In 2011/2012, the Club made the following charitable donations:     £1000 £400 £1000 £125 £275 £550 £550 £1,125 £50 £50 PACT animal sanctuary(chosen by the artist of the most popular exhibit in our Art Exhibition 2011) £100 Swaffham & District Mental Health Association £50 Swaffham Hamond’s High School £200 Amiens Hospital Cancel Slicer appeal(a …

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